The prevailing but somewhat unanswerable question today asks 'what is art?'


As always, there is no no consensual answer to that large conundrum, but part of being an artist requires questioning and reinvention.  As a person who has eschewed the technical and the digital, I was knocked off my feet when encountering the famous David Hockney's iPad artwork. From thence forth I became a convert. All the images here have been drawn/painted with my finger or with a stylus; it is an obsessive magical process and I am addicted to it.


These works are NOT made by a machine, digital or otherwise, they are original works of art drawn by a human hand--mine.


All images can be printed in any desired size, up to 40 by 30 or 40.  Every image costs $400; the image can be printed on any surface ie. canvas, paper, fabric, wood, etc.  The size and surface the image is made on determines the final cost, but the price of the image always remains the same.

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